Microbladed brows help to give you a more natural look, mimicking hair-like strokes. The tiny strokes are then colored with medical-grade pigments and used in place of brow hairs.

Microblading requires using a tool with teeny, tiny needles called micro-needles. These fine feathered strokes create natural-looking hairlines when they’re implanted on the surface near your skin’s epidermal layer; It doesn’t penetrate deep into pores but delicately sticks them lightly, so it looks realistic from afar. Perfect eyebrows that won’t wash off!

You want to make sure that you get your brows done by a professional with an eye for artistry, so you can have the best look ever. We do some of the best eyebrows Los Angeles, Westminster, and Orange County has to offer! Visit our studio, book an appointment or contact us today to find out more about our Microblading. Learn more about Gem Beauti by visiting our About Us page.


Our microblading artists can will the appearance of naturally full brows on any skin tone with any shade range. We draw in your brows first and make sure you like the shape, then use different shades for color, matching your hair color or within 1-2 shades close enough. They will look multi-dimensional and realistic! It takes 3 hours from start to finish. You will be thrilled to see your new natural-looking eyebrows.


You’ll need to be mindful of how you’re sweating or getting your brows wet for a week following treatment.

-Keeping the area clean is the most important thing to do during the healing process. Please avoid picking, pulling, and touching the treatment area.

-Itching is normal and to be expected. Please allow the scab to naturally fall off.

-No water on the brows for 7 days. Gently dab any water with tissue, if it happens to get on your brows.

-You should also use a thin layer of ointment on the third day, morning and night with q-tips until all scabs are gone. Please remember to avoid oversaturating it. (If you have oily skin, dry-healing brings out the best results.)

-Don’t apply any makeup or skincare on your brows until all scabs are gone.

-Avoid exercising for a week.

-Avoid excessive sunlight for at least 3 weeks. This includes swimming, sunbathing, tanning, etc.

-For better retention please avoid applying any active skincare products that contain retinol, vitamin C, vitamin A, AHA, glycolic acids, or salicylic acid around the treatment area.


Permanent makeup is always a great option for all kinds of people people. It’s perfect to use if you have any alopecia, thinning of the eyebrows, thin lashes, or lip discoloration. It has also become popular with men and not just women. It will be way easier on your wallet in the long run because it will replace some of the cosmetics you are used to spending money on. You also don’t have to worry about applying every day. Permanent makeup can help enhance the beauty you already have and conceal anything you find imperfect. We will make sure you end up with natural-looking results that last! That means less time getting ready in the mornings & more time doing what matters most! Visit Gem Beauti for your permanent makeup Orange County, and all other surrounding areas.