Cosmetic tattoo removal

Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

You may not be happy with your cosmetic tattoos and need them removed or corrected. You may have experienced a mistake by another artist that you need fixed. Some people just want to correct the shape and only remove a portion. If things don’t turn out as planned or what we had hoped for, don’t worry because with NanoRemoval they can easily remove any unwanted ink on your brows! The process will require more than one session but eventually those tattoos are gone forever and no longer anywhere close to being permanent!

You want to make sure that you get your removal done by a professional with an eye for artistry, so you can have the best results. We do some of the best cosmetic tattoo removal Los Angeles, Westminster, and Orange County has to offer! Visit our studio, book an appointment or contact us today to find out more about our services.


The procedure is done using the Nano Removal technique, which is very soft with less skin damage. You will have less irritation with fast healing results and no scarring. The Nano Removal formula starts to work immediately after drawing out the tattoo ink, moving upwardly through the skin and form into scabs over the treated area. The scabs then will start to fall off naturally, extracting the unwanted tattoo ink. You may need 3 -7 sessions to completely remove the ink. Every treatment brings you a step closer to being free of that embarrassing or unwanted design forever! Learn more about Gem Beauti by visiting our About Us page.


You may experience some swelling, redness, or blistering in the treated area. No worries! These are common side effects that can occur for up to 72 hours after treatment. They will subside soon afterward! The tattoo removal process is quick and it is only slightly uncomfortable. For the first 3 days after your treatment, be sure to keep the area clean and dry at all times. Apply provided cream twice a day starting on the 4th day and continue till all the scabs are gone. Avoid scratching, picking, pulling the scabs as it will result in scarring.