Lip Blush / Lip Neutralization

Lip Blushing Orange County

Bright lips, 24-7! Lip blushing is a type of permanent makeup that can make you look like the best version of yourself. If your color has faded or if lipstick application takes too much time in your daily routine, lip blushing will help give definition to those lips day after day and night after night with its durable semi-permanent ink deposits. Perfect your pout with our Lip Blushing Orange County!

No more lip discoloration! Give your lips definition without the use of lip liner! Getting Lip Blushing is the answer to your pout prayers!

You want to make sure that you get your lips done by a professional with an eye for artistry, so you can have the best look ever. We do some of the best permanent lip makeup Los Angeles, Westminster, and Orange County has to offer! Visit our studio, book an appointment or contact us today to find out more about our services.

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You’ll be prompted to approve the desired shape, outline and tone of your lips, as well as any sketches that need your input and approval. Next, we wait patiently for the numbing agent to kick in. We will then insert a natural-looking pigment into your lip using small needles in multiple layers. This helps create an even coloration for you with minimal discomfort!

It is not a hard process to complete you and enhance your looks with Gem Beauti’s Lip Blushing Orange County!

lip blushing orange county


Avoid spicy foods and try to drink with a straw. After every meal gently rinse your lips with water, then pat dry to avoid any bacteria buildup. Between these days, you’ll notice the process of peeling will begin for some time until new skin emerges again; this is normal so don’t fret! Your lip color may also lighten from its original hue in order to better match other pigments on the face because it’s crucial not only for beauty but health as well.

Lip Blushing Day by Day – Results

Your lips will go through a healing process after the procedure and you may lose a shade or two, however, they will still have your chosen color’s rich tone and pigment will still be there.

Not only can lip blushing give your lips color it can also be used to give them a more shaped and defined look.

Dark Lip Neutralization

Dark Lips Neutralization also called Dark Lips Lightening, is a life-changing procedure for many clients who struggle with discolored and dark lips. It’s a specialized procedure in which we neutralize them by canceling the coolness of your lips to give the result of a natural lighter tone. Pale lips clients looking for a more defined shape of the vermilion border and more color coverage will love this treatment. Each individual client’s lips are unique and it is required to take different approaches to achieve the best outcome.  Please note that it may take 1-3 sessions to achieve your desired look

Many candidates for this procedure have darkened lips from smoking, sores, and other ailments. Tons of others simply would like to neutralize their lips!

For many years in the permanent makeup industry, Dark Lips Neutralization has been around and getting more popular with clients who wish to correct or lighten their lips and say goodbye to lipstick! 

What is the difference between lip blush and lip neutralization?

Lip blush and lip neutralization are both procedures that can be done to enhance your lips, but they are two very different things. Lip blush is the addition of color to your lips, which can give them a more youthful appearance. Lip neutralization, on the other hand, is the removal of any discoloration or unevenness from your lips. This can make them look smoother and more symmetrical. If you are looking for a way to add color to your lips, lip blush is a great option. When you are looking for a way to achieve more uniform lips, lip neutralization is the right choice.

Permanent makeup can help enhance the beauty you already have and conceal anything you find imperfect. We will make sure you end up with natural-looking results that last! Visit Gem Beauti for your lip neutralization & lip blushing Orange County.