Lip Filler

Needleless Lip Filler


Get the perfect pout with Hyaluronic acid infusions! If you have thin lips or would just like them to be a bit plumper, then needleless lip filler may be just what you are looking for. The body decreases its hyaluronic acid production as we grow older, and the lips begin to thin. Wrinkles will also appear on your face over time which can be fixed using fillers. It is a cost-effective way of preserving facial youthfulness through treatment without needles or surgery that takes only minutes for completion.

Restore plumpness in your lip area by injecting it with an inexpensive filler of Hyaluron Acid!

You want to make sure that you get your lips done by a professional with an eye for artistry, so you can have the best look ever. We do some of the best needle-less lip injections Los Angeles , Westminster, and Orange County has to offer! Visit our studio, book an appointment or contact us today to find out more about our services.

needleless lip filler


You will be informed on the procedure with detailed information that can help you understand how it works before we start. The needle-less lip filler pen also know as a hyaluron pen, makes use of high speed movement to penetrate your skin and then diffuse into tissues, which reduces any bruising risks while using absolutely NO NEEDLES! The lip filler is administered using a hyaluron pen each time. You may experience mild swelling. Learn more about Gem Beauti by visiting our About Us page.

needleless lip filler


The aftercare period may last longer than 2 days. You may have swelling and redness immediately after in the treated area. This is all normal. It can take 2-4 weeks for the lips to even all the way out. Avoid touching the area for 3-4 hours after you are done. Don’t expose your lips to the sun.


Permanent makeup is always a great option for all kinds of people people. It’s perfect to use if you have any alopecia, thinning of the eyebrows, thin lashes or lip discoloration. It has also became popular with men and not just women. It will be way more easier on your wallet in the long run because it will replace some of the cosmetics you are used to spending money on. You also don’t have to worry about applying everyday. Permanent makeup can help enhance the beauty you already have and conceal anything you find imperfect. We will make sure you end up with natural-looking results that last ! That means less time getting ready in the mornings & more time doing what matters most! Visit Gem Beauti for your needleless lip fillers