Be your own boss! Earn MORE income by becoming a certified Microblading technician. This is an awesome Career Opportunity! Gem Beauti would love you to join us for Microblading Classes Orange County!

YES! $400 per hour is achievable as a Microblading Technician. A microblade technician can treat at least 2 clients per day or more, depending on your availability and level of experience in the field. This means you invest less time for higher earnings while empowering others to feel confident about themselves with their new outward appearance. Invest in yourself today and take charge of your future!

You want to make sure that you receive training from a professional with experience in permanent makeup, so you can have the best results. Group training and 1-on-1 instruction is available at our studio for Microblading Training Los Angeles. Our students come from LA, Westminster , Long Beach & all surrounding areas. Some come from all over the US! Visit our studio, message us, or call today to find out more about our training.

microblading classes in orange county


You may be looking for a new career opportunity or maybe you just want to explore your creativity. Gem Beauti is here for you. We will teach you all the necessary techniques for success at our microblade courses! We have taught many students the art of eyebrow microblading here at our studio. Now it is your turn! Become a certified brow artist and get certified with our microblading classes Orange County! All of our provided classes are in-depth and advanced. You will learn all the various Microblading patterns, and how to do Ombre Powder Brows in these training classes. Courses come with a professional kit that will help you get started with new clients as soon as possible. You do not need any prior experience before joining this class and we provide guidance to those who truly want the best chance at success from day one! Your Shine is our happiness!

We realize that learning how to microblade and perfecting this technique shouldn’t be hard or expensive. There should be a place where you can learn all of the various strengths from different courses and have it all combined into one course. That is why you should chose Gem Beauti to learn skills that have created the best brows in the state of California! Here are just a few of the things you can expect from this course.

  • The fundamentals of color theory to help understand skin tone and complexion
  • Brown mapping to find the fullest shape on a canvas of various sizes and shapes shapes
  • Technique of creating Fuller eyebrows
  • Seemless touch ups to maintain the brows

Contact us today and get certified with Gem Beauti’s Microblading Classes in Orange County!

PAYMENT PLANS are now available! CLICK HERE for more information.

microblading training in orange county

Microblading Training Los Angeles

With this course we wish for you to enjoy the process of learning how to create beauty that lasts. I can’t wait for the opportunity to help you realize your potential as you take one step closer to a rewarding career in permanent makeup. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and we provide you with additional information. We provide in person microblading training Los Angeles, but we are happy to take students and clients from all over, just contact for more info!

  • Professional 1-on-1 instruction
  • Flexible class schedule that’s ideal for students.
  • Become a certified Permanent Make-up Artist
  • Classes also available in Vietnamese


(comes with fully loaded kits over $500 value)

  • Class is from 10am-5pm
  • MicroShading additional of $1000 (machine needle cartridges included) – learn 3 different styles of MicroShading. No machine $800

The class will be 10 am-6 pm for MicroShading

The Fundamentals Of Microblading Course Outline

  • Sanitation And Sterilization
  • Laws/Regulations
  • Proper Post Procedure/After Care Instructions
  • Consultation / Consent Form
  • Skin Structure
  • Stretching Techniques
  • The Right Depth For Pigment Placement To Achieve The Most Natural Microblading, Thin & Crisp Strokes
  • Different Shaping Styles Based On Client’s Face Features & Bone Structure
  • Color Theory – Understanding color and how to choose the correct color to match the client’s hair & complexion
  • Different Skin Types & How Color Will Retain After Healing
  • How To Capture The Best Photos & Videos
  • Where To Purchase Supplies
  • Where To Purchase Low-Cost Insurance
  • Marketing Tips
  • Practice On Fake Skin Pads
  • Go Over Tips & Tricks
  • Do’s and Don’t
  • How To Set Up Your Station Property
  • Work on Live Model
  • Certificate upon Completion
  • (Lunch provided for 2 days)

You will receive 6 months of ongoing support once the course is finished and students get to
bring 2 models in for practice with instructor help after approved practice on fake skin and
shadow day

What’s Included In Your Kit

  • In-depth manual
  • 5 bottles of pigments
  • Topical numbing
  • Disposable Holder
  • 10 Disposable Pens
  • 1 box of Disposable Blades (20 blades)
  • Practice Skins
  • Eyebrow Pencils
  • Eyebrow Compass
  • Caliber
  • Surgical Marker Pen
  • Disposable Eyebrow Razors
  • Mapping Thread
  • Pigment Rings
  • Disposable Spoolies
  • Wooden Cotton Swabs


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